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Notary Public, Translation, Tax Services Open Every Day 9am-9pm

Notary Public, Translation, Tax Services Open Every Day 9am-9pm is a Legal Services service in Washington DC
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Washington, DC

www.taxservicedc.comWORK PERMIT E-FILEWitness depositions.Contracts.Adoption documents.WillsMortgage / Refinancing / Loans / deedsMedical formsAcknowledgementQuit clain deedsMilitary formsAffidavitsDurable power of attorneyPension papersEmployment documentsProfessional certifications educational documentsMedical affidavits, and certificates at your physician's office or labLetters of consent.Proof of income.Real estate closing.Power of attorney.Acknowledgements.Loan signing.Translation service.Certified and notarized translations of documents.Accepted by INS, courts, schools, etc.Translation of birth certificate.Translation of official transcript.Certificate of studies.Translation of certificate of death.Documents translation SpanishEnglish.Documents translation English - Spanish.Translation, Spanish, French, Arabic to EnglishGeneral Professional letters and resumes.INS ANNUAL WORK PERMIT RENEWALS (E-FILE)Forms I-765, I- 821IRS CERTIFY ACCEPTANCE AGENT (ITIN)I have evening and weekend appointments available.Se Habla EspañolHours of Operation:Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.Saturday, 9:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m.Sunday, 10:00AM - 8:00PMLocated at:4416 Georgia Avenue N.W.Washington, DC 2001154R202-882-XXXX, 202-489-XXXXwww.taxservicedcThe Internal Revenue has just over $1 billion in tax refunds for approximately one million individuals who still need to file an income tax return for the year 2010.The IRS keeps copies of W-2 forms, 1099's and other income-related documents. You can request copies of these tax documents by ordering an income transcript from the IRS. Either download or fill out Form 4506-T and take this to your local IRS office The IRS District of Columbia 77 K STREET N. E. WASHINGTON, DC 20002 Open from 8:30AM -4:30 PM (they'll print out the transcript for you), or call the IRS at 1-800-908-XXXX and ask that the transcript be mailed to you. Your tax professional can also order an income transcript for you that can be delivered by fax.Use the income transcript as a starting point for finding your original documents. You can contract previous employers, brokers, and other financial institutions to obtain copies of your original tax documents. Original documents can contain more information compared to what's found on the income transcript. For example, the IRS doesn't show any state-related tax withholdings on its transcripts. Similarly, if your income transcript shows you sold some investments, you may want to contact your broker to obtain more detailed account history information.Maria Elena Lopez, LLC We are Translations, we have U.S. licensed bilingual (English/Spanish) staff who are dedicated to working exclusively on our client's legal-related projects. Our staffs help ensure each legally sensitive document translated uses the correct legal terminology in the target language. This can have a significant impact on the quality and integrity of the final translation, especially for the highly regulated insurance industry. Our staffs are qualified to provide legal certifications of every translation. Our staffs are license to practice.Maria Elena Lopez, LLC is a full-service multilingual translation service provider. In addition to handling specialized Spanish translation projects, Maria Elena Lopez, LLC has proven experience handling large, multilingual translation accounts for companies and international organizations and is therefore a one-stop solution for any company seeking superior translations at highly competitive rates.One of our unique qualifications at Maria Elena Lopez, LLC that we have federally approved court translation (English/Spanish) experts on staff full time who are prepared to stand behind any translation. We use these highly qualified members of our team to verify and review legally sensitive documentation and ensure that each translation can stand up to any legal challenge.Maria Elena Lopez, LLCa registered government contractor, has received a special designation by the SBA providing government agencies and contractors credits for using our services. Please contact us to find out more and how your organization can receive credits for using Maria Elena Lopez, LLC.AgencyCertified TranslatorConsultantContent ManagerEditorInterpreter (on-site)Interpreter (phone)ItPost ProductionPost-editorProject ManagerProofreaderSales RepresentativeStaffSubtitling4416 Georgia Avenue NWWashington, DC 20011 United States(Washington DC metropolitan area)Phone: 1 (202) 882-XXXXFax: 1(202) 248-XXXXTranslation: Specialty of Cultural Interpretation Hispanic Translation Company As a Hispanic-owned business and a leading provider of high-volume English/Spanish translation services, we offer some of the most competitive prices and turnaround times in the industry. Although we are recognized internationally for our Spanish language related capabilities, we are able to provide the full spectrum of translation and localization services for all major subject matter and in other languages.As a result of years of carefully selecting our Spanish translator teams, Trusted Translations offers the highest quality Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services in the industry.• English/Spanish Legal Experts on Staff We are uniquely staffed with U.S. licensed, bilingual (English/Spanish) staffs. Our staffs help ensure that each legally sensitive document translated uses the correct legal terminology in the target language. They are qualified to provide notarized legal certifications that further validate the accuracy of our translations.Leader in Spanish Translation Services Maria Elena Lopez, LLC. is the leading provider of Spanish translations in the United States and a recognized industry authority on the Spanish language. Every month, of individuals, corporations, government agencies, linguists and language scholars consult our organization on Spanish language related topics.No other translation company can provide you with the depth of expertise, range of resources and overall proven experience in connection with the Spanish language. Organizations and companies recognized for being meticulous and detail-oriented for their Spanish translation needs.English Language Translation Fluent communication in the English language is a core necessity for every business looking to be successful in the 21st century. Professional and direct communication in English translations is more important than ever. The quality of your English translations is a direct reflection on you and your business. As a leading provider of professional English translations, we will concentrate on what we do best, allowing you to do what you do best.No matter the type of content your English translations have, we have teams of professional English translators with relevant knowledge and experience in the field. Besides being able to understand the nuances of each type of English, they have expertise in the following areas: financial, IT, sales, marketing, media, legal, travel, software, consumer, business, telecom, recruitment, technical, PR, medical, governmental, insurance and literature.Spanish to English Translation While we specialize in Spanish to English and French to English translation services, we frequently translate English documents into and from French, Spanish, Arabic, using native, experienced, industry-specific English translators.We are in a unique position to deal with any type of professional French Translation project you may have. From small law firms to large multinational corporations, Maria Elena Lopez, LLC brings extensive experience in French professional translations to your organization.The French language is one of the most widely spoken of the Romance languages. While French was originally spoken only in France, today it is one of the official languages of Canada and Belgium.Additionally, the French language is spoken in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Haiti, more than fifteen African countries, and various French dependencies including St. Pierre, Miquelon, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, Reunion, New Caledonia and Tahiti.French is the native tongue of about 75 million people throughout the world. Pronunciation and usage of the spoken French language have natural variations among countries, but regional differences are not so great as to make the language unintelligible to speakers from different areas.We provide professional Dutch translation solutions to some of the world's best known companies. Maria Elena Lopez, LLC takes great pride in providing our clients with high quality professional Dutch translations at competitive prices.We are in a unique position to deal with any type of professional Dutch translation project you may have. From small law firms to large multinational corporations, Maria Elena Lopez, LLC brings extensive experience in Dutch professional translations to your organization.Certified Translation Certified translations are important in various legal proceedings and filings for court systems and government agencies. Many government agencies require a translation to be certified before they will accept a particular document as valid. At Maria Elena Lopez, LLC, we are able to certify our translations for almost any legal use. Our experienced account managers will work with you to understand the underlying requirements of your certified translation and will staff your project accordingly.It is common practice for us to deliver translations to our clients with a certificate of accuracy, which states that the translation is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and was prepared by a team of professional translators who are proficient in the source and target language. Notarized and apostilled certificates of accuracy are available upon request.Certified Translation for Documents Certain documentation requires a notarized certificate of accuracy to be accepted in a legal proceeding. In the legal context, this requirement is commonly found in immigration cases, international commercial litigation, divorce decrees, and government bids. Also, certain educational institutions require certified translations of transcripts as a requirement for admission.The following are some documents that normally must be certified:Birth certificateMarriage certificateDivorce Decrees / CertificatesDeath certificateWills and TrustsAcademic transcripts and diplomasAdoption records and papersImmigration documentationNaturalization documentationGreen cardsDocuments for submission to U S Citizenship and Immigration ServicesForeign Bank statementsVisa applications ( I129, I-140, I-485, I-539, I-824, DS-156, DS-157, etc.)Visas (H1, H2, B1, B2, H1B, H2B, O1, O2, K1, K2, K3, etc.)Green card filing documentationWork permitsCurriculum vitae / ResumesForeign PatentsDepositionsInterrogatoriesEvidence in a judicial proceedingOther legal documentsLegal Related Translation Services In conjunction with its translation services, Maria Elena Lopez, LLC offers several legal and administrative related services to provide you with a one-stop solution.With licensed on staff, the following are some of the legal services we can provide as a complement to our translation services:Notarization ServicesAffidavits Of. AccuracyApostilsCertifications by Local EmbassiesDesktop PublishingTypesettingWord ProcessingLegal Transcription ServicesInterpretation Services www.taxservicedc.comUndocumented Workers Begin Process of Getting Drivers' Licenses in Maryland Licenses will allow them to drive legally, but will include wording to indicate the licenses can't be used for voting or boarding planes Undocumented workers in Maryland can begin the process of getting limited drivers' licenses Monday. The licenses will allow them to drive legally, but will include wording to indicate the licenses aren't for federal use. Holders of the licenses wouldn't be able to use them as voter ID or to board planes.Undocumented workers in Maryland can begin the process of getting limited drivers' licenses Monday.The licenses will allow them to drive legally, but will include wording to indicate the licenses aren't for federal use. Holders of the licenses wouldn't be able to use them as voter ID or to board planes.Applicants will have to show proof of identification, provide two years of state income tax filings, and pass a written and a driving exam before getting the license, known as a federally non-compliant driver's license/ID.Before the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, Maryland had allowed thousands of residents -- both undocumented immigrants and U.S. citizens without birth certificates to hold limited driver's licenses. The state had stopped issuing new licenses to those groups, although those who had them already were grandfathered in.Now, immigrants with foreign documentation, but lacking valid U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services documents, will be able to get licenses beginning Jan. 1.The first step is to schedule an appointment, which undocumented workers can begin making Monday, said Philip Dacey, a spokesperson for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The MVA won't accept walk-in applicants for the new licenses.Advocacy group CASA de Maryland has launched an education program to help guide immigrants through the process of obtaining licenses."It's not like you're going to move here and wait for two years to get a driver's license," said Maryland Sen. Victor Ramirez, who introduced the bill, known as the Maryland Highway Safety Act of 2013. "If you don't have a job, if you don't have a family, then Maryland isn't your home."The Maryland state legislature passed the bill in early spring, adding Maryland to a growing list of states -- New Mexico, Washington, Utah and Illinois allowing the second-tier licenses. Since then, California and Connecticut have passed similar bills.In addition, the D.C. Council is expected to vote Tuesday on the issue.Supporters of the new law in Maryland have said the licenses will reduce the likelihood of hit-and-run accidents, and will take the burden off families who may have only one, or no, legal drivers.Andrea Gonzalez, a U.S. citizen, told News4 earlier this year she's the only one in her family who can drive legally. She drives her husband, an undocumented immigrant, to work each day."[I have to] drive him where he gets picked up for work, and then to drive my daughter to school, then to drive myself to work," Gonzalez said. Earlier this year, she broke some toes and had to drive herself to the hospital, she said.But opponents of the new law have argued that the bill could encourage more undocumented immigrants to move to Maryland.Del. Kelly Schulz told News4 earlier this year that her constituents didn't want the law to be changed, saying immigrants here without documentation shouldn't be granted the same privileges as those who are."They're undocumented; they're here illegally according to the federal government," Schulz said. "We're providing them with some state-issued benefit."Effective January 1, 2014, the MVA will implement a new process for immigrants, presenting foreign documentation without valid accompanying United States Citizenship and Immigration Services documentation, to obtain a driver's license (DL) or identification card (ID).If applying for your first Maryland Federally Non-Compliant DL/ID under this new process, you are required to make an appointment. You may visit the Online Document Guide to start the process for scheduling your appointment.Also effective January 1, 2014, all Identification Cards, new Type 1 GLS Learner's Permits, and any Federally Non-Compliant DL/IDs will be mailed to your Maryland residence address on file.For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions.For a Federally Compliant Maryland DL/ID:A DL/ID that is acceptable by federal agencies for certain official purposes.You may also visit our Online Document Guide to guide you through our list of acceptable documents.For a Federally Non-Compliant Maryland DL/ID:a DL/ID for immigrants presenting foreign documentationWITHOUT valid USCIS documentation that is NOT acceptable by federal agencies and may not be used to purchase firearms.1. Proof of Age & Identity; AND2. Proof of Lawful Status; AND3. Proof of Social Security Number or ineligibility for a Social Security Number; AND4. Proof of Maryland Residency.1. Proof of Age & Identity; AND2. Proof of Maryland Income tax filing for preceding 2 years; AND3. An appointment is required; AND4. Proof of Maryland Residency.Requirements for a Federally Compliant Maryland DL/ID:Requirements for a Federally Non-Compliant Maryland DL/ID:1. Age/ Identity (full legal name* and date of birth):*Full legal name means an applicant's first, middle, and last name or surname, without the use of initials or nicknames.• Original or certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate filed with a State Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) or equivalent agency in the applicant's state of birth (U.S. or territorial) NOTE: Birth documents issued by a hospital, notifications of birth registration, birth registration cards, and foreign birth certificates are not accepted.Valid, unexpired U.S. passportConsular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) issued by the U.S. Department of State (DOS), Form FS-240, DS-1350 or FS-545Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551, issued by the U.S. DHSCertificate of Naturalization, form N-550 or N-570 issued by the U.S. DHSCertificate of Citizenship, Form N-560 or N-561 issued by the U.S. DHSUnexpired employment authorization documents (EAD), Form I-766Unexpired Foreign Passport WITH Current Valid USCIS Documentation1. Age/ Identity (full legal name* and date of birth):*Full legal name means an applicant's first, middle, and last name or surname, without the use of initials or nicknames. If required, document must be accompanied by an English translation. See our list of approved MVA Interpreters/Translators. Unexpired Foreign Passport WITHOUT Current Valid USCIS DocumentationUnexpired Consular ID (Consular ID’s are only accepted from the list of countries below):MexicoGuatemalaEcuadorIf you do not have an Unexpired Foreign Passport or Unexpired Consular ID, you must present two (2) from the list below. One must contain a photo not more than eight (8) years old:Foreign Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)National identification or voter card displaying applicant's photo, name, and date of birth.Foreign driver’s licenseUS State driver's licenseUS State identification cardUS Military identification cardUS Military dependent identification cardCertified School Records, DL-300I-766 employment authorization document2. Proof of Lawful Status:The documentation presented to prove your Age & Identity will be verified through the Department of Homeland Security to verify lawful status.2. Proof of Maryland Income Tax filing, for preceding two (2) years:Certification Letter from the Maryland Comptroller's Office.You MUST have a certification letter from the Maryland Comptroller's Office which verifies you have filed MD tax returns for the preceding two (2) years. The certification letter contains a Control Number that is necessary to make an appointment with the MVA.If you didn’t file your tax return for two years. You need to file with the IRS first to get your ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) 3. Documentation of a valid, verifiable SSN or proof of ineligibilityOriginal or replacement Social Security (SS) Card; orW-2 form, not more than 18 months old; or1099 form, not more than 18 months old; orPay stub bearing the applicant’s name and SSN, not more than 3 months old; orDocumentation demonstrating non-work authorized status.Notes:
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